Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderment is Closing

This morning I was checking my email per my usual start to the day and received a sad notice that our local Waldorf toy store Wonderment is closing their doors. They had expanded to two stores right before the economy tanked and their sales began to dwindle. Having hung on in hopes of a recovery these last few years they came to the realization that their stores were no longer sustainable. It saddens me deeply that this lovely resource will not be available to the community any longer.

For they were a resource for toys, crafts, classes and even outreach efforts. It was the one place I could take my son and say you may pick out anything you like. As all the toys were free of batteries, natural and open ended I was always happy with the choices he made. The times seem to be hardest on these brick and mortar stores. And now I too will have to turn to the internet to find the toys I desire for my child's growth and development. This seems to be the future of selling more and more these days. Etsy is still my main source of sales for my own toys even with doing craft and school fairs. I will miss the coming together of like minded families and the opportunity to touch and feel such soul filled toys. It was the place in which I made my son's Waldorf Doll, sold my wands and crowns, and found community. I will miss it greatly.

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  1. Hi, Ann. Thanks for posting about Wonderment. We are very sad to be closing--we will miss the customers and especially the children very much.

    I am trying to engage individual lenders to provide loans that would allow me to do another retail start up, a single store with one owner. Terms would be five years, 5% interest, amounts ranging from 1500 to 10,000. Time is short, as I am trying to reopen in Wonderment space in Linden Hills and the landlord needs an answer--another tenant waits in the wings. Could you help spread the word somehow?
    I do so love your wands and crowns, by the way! I have two crowns now, the blue one and a red number that matches my glasses!
    Lisa MacMartin