Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fresh Off the Wheel - Baby Alpaca!

Hello!  I have a new skein fresh off the wheel this week that I'm quite pleased to show you.  It's a 2ply with the first ply being spun from a mixed batt of planted dyed merino, silk, BFL and domestic wool in beautiful shades of blue with a hints of lime green and purple from MamaJudes down in Georgia.  The second ply was spun from Baby Suri Alpaca in a beautiful natural charcoal grey color from Sunrise Suris in Iowa.  It was my first time spinning Baby Suri Alpaca and man it practically spun itself it drafted so easily! 

I only got about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn out of the Baby Suri Aplpaca since I could only afford a small 2oz. package. See, I am trying to stick to my fiber budget.  Do you have a budget for fiber?  Well, I found out I needed one since I overspend at every single fiber festival/show/store I go to.  But, to really make my budget stick I have to remove my debit/credit card and checkbook from my wallet and bring only what I can spend in cash.  I have no will power you see and am very skilled at talking myself into purchases I don't need.  This trick works like a charm though, and I highly recommend it if you have overspending issues.  It's sad that I only got a little of a fantastic fiber, but then I have already spun it and it's not just languishing in my stash (this happens to so much fiber and yarn when I overspend).  

Hmmm... this post was supposed to be about yarn not budgets.  Well, I do tend to go on tangents.  I listed this skein in my Etsy shop so stop by and check it out if you are looking for a silky soft squishy yarn treat!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Large Gnomes are Huggable!

I thought I'd introduce you today to what is new in my shop - large 14 inch tall gnomes!  They are from a pattern written by myself which I hope to have available in my shop in the next few months.  I really hate seaming so I went about devising a pattern for gnomes that would be knit in the round.  It has a smoother look to it that I adore.  The pattern will be in 3 sizes - mama, child and baby.  So far, I have the mama and child listed in the shop with the baby on it's way.  I need to dream up a knitted sling for the mama to carry the baby in first. Here's a look at my samples below.

 As well as trying out a new pattern I am also trying out a new online venue to sell through called Zibbet.  You can see my shop here.  I have put everything on sale for 20% off to celebrate the grand opening.  Why a new shop you may ask?  Well, Etsy has been good to me, but it's gotten so large and their rules for what is considered handmade includes just about anything now that I feel I'm not being represented well.  Please let me know what you think about the new pattern and shop and if you would be interested in test knitting in the future.  Have a great weekend!

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