Monday, December 14, 2009

My Gnomes in Their New Home

We had a Holiday Fair at Sam's Waldorf School were I sold my knitted gnomes, cats and bags. Many of the kids who attend there went home with a gnome or two. One family, who now home school their girls, bought five. They were instantly absorbed into the family. The girls made them a paper house with knitted rugs and blankets of their own creation for their new gnome family. Their very creative Waldorf loving Mama took these photos which I wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Construction with Yarn

My son Sam REALLY wants to learn how to knit as Mama knits constantly. I tell him when he's old enough he'll learn it at his Waldorf School and I will help too. Of course this explanation does not satisfy an active 3 1/2 year old! So, I end up giving him a small ball of yarn to play with and this is the result.

Here is our front door knob which connects through the living room and down the hall to Sam's bedroom door knob below.

Now we're back to the front door handle with the shower squeegee tied up. Sam calls these obstacle courses and indeed it does make getting around the house interesting. My dear husband is clean crew for these endeavors and does all the winding unraveling - god bless him!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Birthday and Lemonade from Lemons...

I had my birthday yesterday and what a day it was! I awoke to "Happy Birthday MAMA!" from my son followed by a pancake breakfast (that I didn't cook - yay!), beautiful flowers, scrumptious truffles, lunch at Lucia's (our favorite restaurant in Minneapolis), thrifting at the Goodwill and a day spent with my husband who took the day off. I'm so grateful to have such a giving loving family!

Our birthday ring showing I'm now 38 (oh so close to 40 - agh!) and have a winter birthday, love gnomes, live in a yellow house and have a son who can't be left out so hence his birthday bee was added. I love this tradition of the birthday ring which we started for Sam, but now use to celebrate everyone in the family including Grandma!

Lovely yellow roses adding such joy to our house with the bleak and frigid weather outside. The lovely vase was my Grandmother's and really makes any bouquet spectacular.

Here's our table's winter centerpiece with a fantastic needle felted King Winter I purchased from darialvovsky on etsy.

I was so excited to finish my Snow Gnome for the winter display. Dan calls him a Snome! Silly , but fun.

Sam had his first scissor incident today. He was making a dragon out of a plastic bag (I think he got the idea from kites we've seen) just shredding it to bits. Then he must have gotten bored and snipped 2 holes in his pillow form IKEA. It's a good reminder to Mama to be in the same room with him while he's cutting - oh well! So, I took some inspiration from Wee Folk Art and appliqued some wool felt hearts to cover the holes. I think it turned out well, although where I start the blanket stitch and end is a bit messy. But, the pillow was saved! Thus lemonade from lemons.