About Me

Hi!  This is Ann here.  I live in a small yellow and blue house in Minnesota with my husband Dan, son Sam and black Labrador Easy.  Most days you will find me home with my redheaded son homeschooling and doing the things we love.  For me that includes knitting everyday, scrapbooking once a month, and gardening in the short Minnesota summer season (I wish I could include something like "I have a daily yoga practice", but so far this has yet to materialize for me - sigh.)

I began knitting as a child, but it didn't turn into a full blown obsession until 2008 when I went with a friend to a community ed knitting class she talked me into attending.  After that, I just couldn't be stopped.  Now, I can't sit without knitting in my hands or go anywhere without carrying some yarn in my purse.  It's a joke in my family, but they are all wonderfully supportive and tolerant of this hobby turned lifestyle. 

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