Monday, February 7, 2011

Corner of My Home

Don't you just love it when bloggers show you corners of their homes? It's one of my favorites as other peoples homes always seem to look better than your own ( that and I'm just a snoop.) I wonder why that is? Perhaps it's because we see all that needs fixing, painting, repairing in our own spaces and not the beauty. Hmm... Well, I thought I would follow suit with the little space in my home that's my own. My son's room.

Yes, I have the room we envisioned for our son except our son does not use it. Best laid plans and all that. Instead he sleeps with his Dad as he , so far, can't/won't sleep alone. He has also moved all of his clothes etc. into the "boys" bedroom too. Since Dad snores and Sam kicks I have opted to take the Ikea bunk bed we purchased for Sam as my own. So, now I have a room of my own - small as it is. I sleep on the bottom of the bunk bed and on top is all my supplies for my Etsy shop (including shipping supplies) and my knitting projects.

Wool, wool, wool! I love all it's forms: raw fleece (in the box in the back), wool stuffing, wool felt and wool yarn. And of lots of lovely baskets to hold it all.

Here's a close up of all my supplies. My partial done sock and scarf await my hands, but first a vest for Sam for Valentines day.

This print was in my bedroom as a child and I had it re-framed for when Sam was born. I still love the look and feel and it reminds me of the engrossing French movie "The red balloon".

I tried having most of my supplies downstairs with one lovely basket upstairs filled with current projects. You know sitting besides my favorite chair charming, but uncluttered. But then it seemed I was forever running to the basement to get just 1 more thing. Having all my supplies in one place is so helpful and as I wish it was on shelves in my own art studio I am still grateful to that upper bunk which brought it all together. So, there you have it a corner of my small home. I hope you liked it. My theory is find space where you can even as unconventional as it may be because space is space.

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