Friday, February 4, 2011

Candlemas (a few days late)

We're just in our 2nd year of Waldorf Preschool with our son Samion and I'm trying hard to bring the Festival life he experiences in school home. So, Candlemas was this week and he made a lovely rolled beeswax candle in school and sang songs about light. My intention was to make candles at home that same day, but alas it did not come to fruition. Today is usually Sam's day with his Poppa while I work on my wands and crowns for Etsy. But since Poppa is currently out of town I had Sam today and candle making was on our agenda.

Sam by the backdoor chipped away at the ice made from the ice dams melting on our roof.

We started cutting the wicks by having Sam cut while I held the wick. Then we watched the wax melt on the stove top. I purchased little votive glass jars as we did not have enough beeswax to dip for tapers (frankly that process is still too slow for Samion.) After making a few of these glass votives we decided to try making snow candles which I read about on In These Hills blog. We made a hole in a snowbank in the backyard, suspended a wick from a pencil above it and poured in the wax. These came out as fun little blobs which we will try to float in a bowl of water as a centerpiece.

Here's the snow candle cooling

Sam holding up the now cooled snow candle blob.

A fun closeup of the organic nature of snow candles.

Our bounty of the day along with Samion's rolled taper from school.

I hope you all enjoyed Candlemas and had the time to make candles with your little one. The best part is your whole house gets to smell like sweet honey - YUM!

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