Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Planted Dyed Yarn and Felt

I'm am so excited I can't quite contain myself! I've been in a bit of a malaise about my etsy shop and the direction I want to take and whether or not I want to keep going. What I've been happiest with as of late have been my magic wands made with beautiful felt and yarn that's been planted dyed. The colors seem so alive and real in a way I've never experienced before with commercially dyed yarn. But, my gnomes and other items aren't bringing me the joy they once did.

Then a woman emailed me on etsy to find out if my knit crowns were plant dyed as her children are allergic chemical dyes. This comment really got me thinking about what I'm doing and why. I love making all natural toys for children, but maybe they are not natural enough?

So, I made a big decision to change over to using solely plant dyed wool yarn and wool felt in my creations. The Simply Playing shop will still carry gnomes, cats, crowns and wands, but now all will be made out of in plant dyed wool. I will also add some new baby items as well to the store in case there are others out their that need an alternative to chemical dyes. The phasing in will take me some time so keeping checking in for them and for some deals on my old stock!


  1. Switching to all pant dyes sounds like a wonderful idea. I really love your wands and knitted crowns! So beautiful.

  2. That's such a great idea, there's bound to be lots of people who are allergic to the harsher chemical dyes. Plus oh I just love the look of plant dyed stuff. I drool over all of MamaJues wool felt and wish the dollar was stronger so I could buy it all!
    Good luck with your new direction!