Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finishing Old Projects - #1 My Sweater

Well, I decided I need to start finishing some of the bigger projects gathering dust on the shelf. Like many people I have great momentum in the beginning and if I run into a stumbling block I come to a full stop. This sweater's moment was when I realized I did not have enough yarn to finish even though I purchased the amount indicated for my size. Common issue. I now know to always buy at least one skein more, but this irks me as I love to use up all my yarn (I hear you - find another hobby then.)

So, this happened back in October when I thought I get our Christmas picture taken with this sweater as I was clipping along at a good pace back then. Now, it's February and still it sits on the shelf. That is until today, being armed with another skein of yarn (sadly not the same dye lot) and a bit of time while Sam is at preschool to find out where I left off.

I found this book Textured Knits by Julia Cooper at Half Priced Books and luckily fell in love with the one sweater in my size (not much for us busty girls in this volume, but lovely patterns none the less.) It just looked so cozy for a winter's day. I splurged on myself (not at all usual as most moms experience) and bought Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande for the project. It's so light and extremely soft which makes me think this sweater will be worn constantly - when it's done of course.

It has a very easy but unique looking rib pattern that is for the hem and cuffs but it also goes up the center of the front and back for decoration. Here's a close up.

I'll be posting when it's finished and then will start on another unfinished knitting project. Hopefully I'll inspire you, as well as myself, and won't let so many partially completed projects build up again. Wish me luck!

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