Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dolly Blanket

Do you remember this yarn single that I spun a while back?  Well, I finally plied it with some white Shetland-Finn yarn and I am super pleased with the result.  It's pastel Springy, soft and squishy.  All good things in the world of yarn.  Since I'm not ready to sell it as just yarn I started knitting a basic dolly's blanket from it and by being so simple, the yarn really stands out.  As you can see it's just plain garter stitch which makes for nice end of the day knitting.

It will be listed in the shop this week if I can find time to finish it between getting over my cray cold and weeding in the garden.  Don't you love weeding after a rainfall?  The weeds just slide out - so satisfying!

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. that yarns is lovely. you made that?? wow. :)

  2. That's so sweet of you the say! Thank you!

  3. It looks great. The varied colors and textures of the yarn are so interesting, I could just stare at this blankie all day.