Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yarn for Mother

I have not been able to stop spinning yarn at my wheel!  The quiet that washes over me as I sit in front of my living room window quietly pedaling away with my bare feet while wool slides through my fingers - it's bliss!  This skein was finished just last night before I went to bed.  It's a blend of a plant dyed mixed wool and silk batt from mamajudes and some lovely gray wool angora roving I purchased at Yarnover from Angora Gardens.  It's intended for my mother to replace a hat I made for her for last mother's day.  She lost that hat at the dog park we think.  I can only hope someone else is treasuring it right now as opposed to it becoming a dog chew toy.  Ouch!  That previous hat was made specially to coordinate with my mom's sage green quilted jacket; a favorite for the "between" seasons.  So, when I saw the color of this batt I knew just what it was going to become - a new hat for that sage green coat.

My spinning results have been improving over the weeks, but I'm still not confident enough to sell it yet. Don't get me wrong I'm really pleased with my progress thus far; I just have high standards for myself.  Hopefully, soon I will be able to show you the new yarn tags my multi-talented and long time friend Emily is designing that I will use when I am ready to sell my handspun.  Now, I just have to wait for the yarn to completely dry from it's bath.  This is the hardest part!

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On