Friday, July 20, 2012

Time Out

I am taking a break from my Etsy shop Simply Playing for the foreseeable future.  My inspiration is down to nil and it feels more like drudgery than fun.  Which means it's time for a vacation of sorts.  Yay!!! Since I'm not content unless I'm making something I will be posting and discussing my MANY knitting projects.  Yes, knitting projects.  Oh how I love to start and finish them, but sometimes the middle part can lag a bit you know?  Anyway, July is the time I start to think about socks for my mother's Fall birthday, sweaters for my growing son for the Winter, Christmas gifts for everybody,and yes, even a few Summer items as we are going to the Philippines this Christmas.  So, I'm hoping that by posting about my progress I'll stay on task a little better.  Let's see if it works shall we?  What's on your knitting list?

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