Monday, July 23, 2012

From The Yarn Stash

I am a knitter who tends to always be thinking ahead to the next project.  Do you find yourself doing this?  I'll be in the middle stages of a project, where it lags the most for me, and will start dreaming of what I want to do next.  Then I'll compound the process by looking at yarn at my favorite online yarn stores (love shopping from the comfort of my own chair) Eat.Sleep.Knit., KnitPicks and Etsy.  That will send me over to Ravelry to find patterns to fit the yarn I chose.  Then looking will become buying and hence the "stash" is born.  So, I thought I would share a few of my purchases with you so you too can visualize what's ahead.

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace Yarn 100g. 800m. / 874 yards 2 ply made in Peru

This beautiful yarn from Misti Alpaca was on sale at Eat.Sleep.Knit., and doesn't that just explain it all to you?  The colorway is called Pink Flamingo which I found a bit off putting, but the hand painted colors of pinks and corals are ones that look great on me.  It's 100% baby alpaca lace weight yarn that is slightly fuzzy.  Alpaca can be SUPER warm, so I think having a light weight yarn will make it not too hot (my 1st sweater was a bulky alpaca pullover and man did I sweat!)  The pattern I have purchased for it is called Chamomile Tunic, which I will alter by adding long sleeves (this is Minnesota after all.)  The knitting looks pretty straight forward, but I foresee needing some help on the crochet band.  Luckily my favorite local yarn shops, Needlework Unlimited, Linden Hills Yarn and Skeins,  all have nights where you pay for help on whatever project you are working on. What are your favorite places to purchase yarn?

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