Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Wand Design and New Crowns

I just finished a new wand design in time for spring (come on Mrs. Thaw push King Winter away!) Just like the other wands it uses rainbow plant dyed yarn from mamajudes for a nice soft handle as well as plant dyed wool felt. The butterfly is a rich orange , as I always think of Monarchs when I think of butterflies, with purple wing designs and body. It's stuffed with wool roving to give it some depth. I also stitched around the butterfly's body to give more contrast from body to wings. Ribbons are the only unnatural item, but all wands need ribbons to dance through the air. I find doing the blanket stitching on these wands so restful and a nice switch from knitting.

On the knitting front new crowns have also been finished in lovely spring colors. All use plant dyed wool yarn (85% wool 15% mohair - very soft) and wool felt for the applique. There's a light blue crown with a gold star and the reverse of a gold crown with a blue star. I also made one for St. Patrick's Day for my red haired Irish boy (also Scots, Phillipino, English, French Canadian, Dutch and Polish - what an American melting pot is he!) It's a lovely shade of spring green with a darker green shamrock to bring the wearer good luck! All these are now up for sale in my etsy shop - have a look.

I only had to bribe him with a fruit popsicle to get this cheesy grin. Coming up next is an orange crown with a blue star and some springtime gnomes! What projects are you up too?

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  1. absolutely gorgeous creations!
    i have been hand stitching with wool these days!