Monday, March 8, 2010

Making Window Stars

Well I finally tackled a project I've been dying to try - making window stars. You know those beautiful translucent stars you see at Waldorf schools? I've purchased some in the past from harvestmoonbyhand on etsy, but I wanted so many(you know every season a different color scheme etc.) that the cost would have been prohibitive.

With the purchase of this book and some kite paper from Wonderment I was ready to begin. I did look at the book Magical Window Stars, but the stars were quite complex and confusing to my Mama fogged mind.

To start I cut my large square into four small ones and began folding each piece as per the directions.

Then I stared gluing each pieces folds down, then all the pieces into one star! It wasn't too hard and the directions were very easy to follow. Here is the results.

I made green for St. Patrick's day and for the coming Spring here in Minnesota - only 12 more days to go! Really the snow is melting and the weather is a balmy 45 degrees (I know not too balmy in most people's eyes but after being frozen all Winter with temps in the single digits and below it is a major relief!) Here are two others I made this morning.

I'm very pleased with the results and can't wait for what Sam will think when he comes home from school. I think I'll still buy the more complicated stars from harvestmoonbyhand as they intimidate me too much, but these basic ones are for me to make in the future. Maybe I'll do some rainbow ones for Sam's room? What projects have you been working on lately?


  1. Beautiful! We love ours, you really could stare a them for hours. Transfixing!

  2. Beautiful! I want to try this SO much, but finding kite paper in Puerto Rico is harder than one might expect given how many kites there are!

    *lol* I think I'll try when we get stateside.

  3. I really want to make some of them but have been a bit daunted. They can be SO complex! I got a small rainbow one from Ann of harvestmoonbyhand in a swap last year and it fell apart yesterday so I really need to make my own soon!

  4. I've been making lots of rainbow stars, too. I just stop and smile whenever I walk past them. Your turned out beautifully. I bought the Magic Window Stars book and I have to agree with you - they are complex!
    Oh and I know just what you mean about 45 degrees feeling balmy in MN. I remember it well! :)