Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here and Gone

I was happily knitting along on the colorwork section of my mom's Blathin sweater when it happened.  I made it through two rows of flowers and two decrease rows when I decided to turn it right side out (I was knitting it inside out to stretch out the floats so they wouldn't get too tight) to measure it and try it on.  Well, it was flippin' huge!  HUGE!  The colorwork was lovely - not too tight or too loose, just plain old too big.  In all honesty I was devastated.  The thought of taking a picture of all the work I had completed that I would then be ripping out was too much so I have nothing to show you.  I frogged it all, wound the yarn back into balls and put it all away in my knitting basket to sit.  I know it seems a bit dramatic of me, it can be knit again and there is no real harm except loss of time, but it felt like a huge setback that shouldn't have happened.  Having taking all these precautions so that the colorwork would come out right gave me a false sense of security, but I guess I've changed enough in the two years since the first time I knit this sweater that they were unnecessary to begin with.  That and my gauge lied to me. 

The sweater will stay in time out until we get back from our little trip to WI.  When we return I am going to start over using the same US size 8 needles I used to knit the body.  Then after the first decrease row I am going to go down a needle size to US 7's.  If the neck still seems too wide after the 2nd decrease I am going to fit in another decrease row after the last section of flowers like I've read from other Raveler's project notes.  Hopefully, all this will work out in creating a fabulous fitting sweater.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, I thought I could use some more stranded colorwork practice and am now back knitting on my Oluffa Doorstop.  The pattern is part of a great collection in the book Northern Knits Gifts by Lucinda Guy.  I'm using yarn leftover from my toy making business - a white angora, indigo dyed Lamb's Pride and madder/weld dyed Lamb's Pride for the orange accents.  It will be a pillow instead of a doorstop as we have no need for a doorstop, or a pillow for that matter, but I simply love the pattern so it must be knit.  Since my yarn is worsted weight I went up to US size 6 needles which I thought would give me a nice dense fabric.  So far so good.  They don't mention blocking it, but I think I will do so before I stuff it to help the colorwork relax and the yarn bloom.  This will be my car knitting for our trip.  It's small enough to stay neatly in my lap, interesting but not too hard and there's a good chance I'll finish knitting it by the time we return.  Honestly, I've spent more time trying to figure out what knitting to take with me on this trip then planning or packing for it.

I hope all your knitting projects are coming along swimmingly as they say and I'll see you all next week!

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On and Ginny for Yarn Along.


  1. There is nothing worse than having to pull it all out. Have a great trip away.

  2. Oh no! I feel your pain. I knit a sweater last year and it's too big. I can't bear to rip out all that color work so I'm going to put it in the dryer. I read that it should shrink it a bit. You did the right thing though. I'm glad you figured it out in time.

  3. Oh, Ann...I'm sorry to read about the sweater you were knitting for your mom. How discouraging, I know. I do love the doorstop you're knitting. That inspires me to think more about how I can crochet for my home. I tend to get stuck on traditional items, but you've stretching me, here, girl. That chicken doorstop is going to be soooo cute!

  4. I can imagine your disappointment over your mom's sweater. This whole fitting thing is what makes sweaters so scary for me.
    I hope you have a great trip to Sheep & Wool with your family. Who knows? Maybe we'll run into each other on Saturday!

  5. Oh no - that is terrible! It always takes me a while to get over a knitting problem like that. I have to put it down for a few days before I can make myself do the ripping out.
    I am hoping my library will have that knitting book - I need to start making gifts (well, should have started a while ago!)

  6. Oh I'm so sorry, that colourwork was gorgeous, but you don't need me to tell you that!

  7. That is HEARTBREAKING! The pattern is adorable.

    Have a safe trip! :-)