Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Thing About Turtlenecks

It drives my husband nuts that I have a thing for turtlenecks.  Make that a deep resounding love of turtlenecks.  Cowls are a close second, as they almost do the same job, but turtlenecks oh they snuggle my neck, take away some of my chin and keep me pleasantly warm.  My husband though, likes to sneak up behind me while I'm busy in the kitchen to give me a ticklish kiss on the neck (which always makes me jump and give a little shriek), but with turtlenecks he's instantly thwarted.  Ha! So, now that you know how much I adore turtlenecks it won't be a big surprise that I am currently working on two turtleneck knitting projects.

The first is the lovely Hugo turtleneck poncho I talked about last time.  He has since been put in time out for the moment.  His issue, because of course it couldn't be my fault, is that the purl, ktbl, ktbl, purl detail I used to replace the cable pattern is looking rather wonky.  The increases occur on either side of this "seam" and as you can clearly see the one side is nice and tight and the other is all gaping.  I knew this for some time, but kept on knitting thinking it would go away if I knit fast enough, but alas it's here to stay.  Since it really irks me I will indeed be frogging back to the collar section to begin again, probably to use the original cable patterning.   With there being quite a bit knitting to frog back I need to steel myself to do it hence, the time out he's taking in his project bag.

Because this girl can't go without knitting for more than a few minutes I grabbed the nearest project and volia! another turtleneck found it's way into my hands.  This is Thea Coleman's White Russian pattern which I last knit and blogged about this past June.  I have only progressed about 3 pattern repeats since last time, but I'm only 5 more repeats away from separating the sleeves from the body.  That will be an exciting moment dropping those extra 160 stitches.  It should make the body rounds feel like they just fly by right?  Since this project and I are getting along well I think it will become my project for our upcoming road trip to Madison, WI.  Five wonderful hours of car knitting there and then another five coming home - yay!  We're going to the WI Sheep and Wool Festival which is about a 1/2 hour to the east of Madison.  My husband and I both went to UW Madison for college so it will be fun to show our old haunts to our son.  I'm taking an all day class on natural dyeing at the Fairgrounds while the boys go exploring in Madison.  Then we will spend the next day at the Festival and round it off with a night in a hotel in town (we're camping for the first 2 nights.)  Leaving us a final day with all three of us together in Mad town.  I hoping it's lots of fun for everyone and not just this the fiber enthusiast.

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On and Ginny for Yarn Along.


  1. I so understand your love for turtlenecks. I have been eyeing Thea's White Russian pattern for some time now. Can't wait to see how yours comes together! Don't you just hate frogging? Best of luck with Hugo...he looks like he will be worth the time! :)

  2. I love turtlenecks, but they don't do much to disguise those extra chins on me! So it's V-necks for my neck, which doesn't help keep away they chill of cold!

  3. too hot here for turtlenecks....or maybe that's 'i'm too hot' for turtlenecks most of the year!!!! BUT, I do love cowls!! Need to check out a cowl worth knitting twice in the same year! :)

  4. I used to love turtlenecks, but as I got older, they are too warm for me! Which is too bad because they are so darling.
    I will be at Sheep and Wool on Saturday, which is the day you are taking a class? If you want to try to meet up for lunch with my friend and I, shoot me an email:

  5. I don't love turtlenecks quite that much, because they tickle my neck, and because my hair falls awkwardly over/around them, but looking at your turtlenecks I could change my mind. They look so cozy and pretty!

  6. I used to love turtlenecks, but I can't handle having something that snug around my neck anymore. It seems a real shame that about the time we women would like to hide what age is doing to our necks, we typically can't tolerate the heat or constriction of something wrapped around them. Enjoy them while you can, Ann! Your knitted sweaters look great!