Sunday, August 16, 2015

YOP Update - The Scots Won!


My debate with myself as to which cardigan to cast on last week, the one for myself or the one for my mother, was a tricky one, but I decided to go with casting on Kate Davies Blaithin for my mother's Christmas gift.  The Scots won out!  I say this because Kate Davies is Scots as well as my mother so they make a good pair I think. What tipped me to that verdict?  Well, I have been really digging the idea of getting all my gift knitting done by Fall and then having uninterrupted selfish knitting time all Winter.  So, onward with the gift knitting!  You can see my progress on Blaithin in the first picture.  I finished the pockets and am onto the boring stockinette section.  It's a cardigan that's knit in the round and then steeked up the middle which is marked by my little flower stitch holders.  The yarn I'm using is Jamieson's discontinued Soft Shetland some of which was leftover from a previous sweater of mine and the rest I purchased from another Raveler.  All have been in my stash for about 2 years.  Thus, it will be really nice to finally get this stash yarn knit up and the sweater in use.

Because I am on the boring stockinette section of the sweater I find myself wandering over to Ravelry often to give myself little breaks from the monotony.  Maybe that, coupled with looking through my stash, is the reason I cast on for something completely unplanned for - a poncho.  Growing up in the seventies my mom and I had matching ponchos that she knit us and I really loved mine.  It was for mainly wearing outside as it was pretty thick and came down to my wrists , but this model is knit in sport weight yarn and is shorter making it more of an inside garment.  I think it will be a chic way to dress up my boring turtlenecks this coming winter.  The yarn I'm using is one I purchased online here and sadly it was rather a disappointment.  It was purchased it in a effort to buy more environmentally responsible locally sourced yarn.  And it fit the bill being 100 percent alpaca grown and processed in the US then dyed with marigold flowers that were grown on the same farm as the alpacas.  The color is fantastic, but the yarn is a bit rough and has lots of neps that I have to keep picking out.  Also, it was also supposed to be DK weight not sport. Well, I probably should have returned it, but I just didn't have the heart to do so.  This poncho I think will be the best use for this yarn since it's not next to the skin and the alpaca's natural drape will only add to the style.  Since the size I am knitting takes about 1000 yards it will be some time before I see the results.  

The last photo is of some yarn I purchased yesterday with my son for a pair of felted slippers.  He actually asked me to knit him something!!!  This is very thrilling for me.  You see, a couple of years back he told me he didn't want me to ever knit him anything and said he hated sweaters (proving this point by wearing only short sleeved t-shirts all winter long - brrr!) as well as hand knit hats and mittens.  Oh, the knitter in me was very sad that day.  So, of course I have to jump right on this project when he asked.  He wants simple navy blue slippers like the ones my husband and I have which I knit from this pattern.  The only twist is he wants a Minecraft pixelated squid face on them.  If you've heard of Minecraft (which is a video game) you might have heard of iBallistic Squid who is a Youtuber Minecraft personality.  I'm going to create the squid face out of colored wool felt sheets which I'll cut into squares and then stitch onto the tops of the slippers.  Sam's feet are as big as mine so he is out of children's footwear sizing and all the fun slippers they make for kids.  And, being only just 9, he is still very much a kid and wants something fun to wear on his feet.  I'm really hoping I can make these slippers to his liking and then maybe, just maybe, he'll ask me to knit him something else.  Ah, a mother can dream...

With these unplanned for projects popping up I think I will make an "Additions" section to my Year of Projects list.  That way I can still see my original intent at the end of the year and can better gauge my progress.  To check out other YOP participants check here.  Enjoy these last couple weeks of summer everyone!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of Blaithín, and what a great idea to have all that gift knitting out of the way and with lots of selfish knitting time all over the winter period. Can't wait to see those minecraft slippers, being a mom to some boys I sure know all about minecraft or at least the bits I tune into! My boys like me to knit hats, it feeds their need for beanies in different colours so I've to be happy with that. I'm trying not to think of back to school and the end of the summer, I love the holiday time! Ruth

  2. Love the look of the cardi, here's to having gift knitting out of the way! I love the colour for your poncho, although I'm sorry the yarn isn't as nice as expected it will make a beautifully happy poncho!

  3. Such intriguing patterns you are working on! I look forward to seeing your progress in the coming weeks ;)

  4. It will be wonderful to have your gift-knitting done early. I haven't even begun thinking about what I might give as hand-crocheted gifts. Well...actually, I have thought about it, but I haven't made any real movement in that direction. I love the yellow/gold colored yarn in that second picture above.

  5. An interesting thought, to create a new section on your list to gauge how much you vary from your original list. It'd be a terribly slippery slope for me! I need the structure of the list to keep me on track.

    I'd be a bit nervous about a poncho from alpaca - that might grow and grow and grow. I made an alpaca scarf once and we named it the incredible always enlarging scarf. It quickly became unwearable!

    Can't wait to see Bliathin! Such a lovely pattern!

  6. How exciting about your son and the slippers. Neither of my children want any knitted items -- and my son still lives in Madison!
    I love the idea of getting holiday knitting done early. Actually, that was my plan in January. There is NO chance that I will be done with gifts early.

  7. It's all about those unplanned additions, isn't it? They keep things interesting and fun!

    I'm quite intrigued by the construction of the cardigan that you are making and eeep! Steeking! I've never done that before and I think I might be a bit scared of it. I hope you'll blog about it - I'll look forward to seeing how it's done.