Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What to Say...

Even working diligently away on my distraction shawl I have very little new to report.  I'm about 2/3 way through the 3rd section (out of 5) and according to my pattern notes that means the shawl is at  60% completion.  In the beginning of a triangle shawl you progress so quickly, as the rows are short, that it pushes you to knit on, but as those rows lengthen it gets to become a bit of a slog.  We are now in that very slow section of the shawl.  I really want to finish it though, so I am going to try and be a monogamous knitter until it's done.  We'll see how that goes...

I usually don't put down what I'm reading for Yarn Along, because frankly after reading aloud to my son each day I'm kinda done reading and would rather knit with my free time.  But, then I got to thinking you might be curious as to what books a nine year old boy finds interesting so here goes.  We have just started Gergor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins.  It's a fantasy series where a boy falls through a grate in his apartment building's laundry room and finds himself in a new world filled with giant bugs, bats and rats.  He learns he is part of a prophecy which might be the key to finding his missing father.  Thus far, it's good and engaging with a little bit of gross humor thrown in for good measure (seriously all you have to say is poop and my son starts rolling with laughter - I so don't get it.)

I'm leaving you today with a photo of my son taken at the MN Landscape Arboretum where we visited this week.  The butterfly sculpture in the background is not pixelated but instead is composed entirely of Legos as were 12 other sculptures on display throughout the gardens.  They are part of a traveling show and if they come through your area they are definitely worth viewing.  Each one lists how many Legos were used along with how many hours to complete - it was fascinating and so fun for kids.

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On and Ginny for Yarn Along.


  1. I LOVE your shawl - must get the pattern ASAP.... (off to Ravelry to search) Also - thank you for posting what you've been reading with your son. I've just finished the first Harry Potter with mine and was looking for a palate cleanser before book 2 ;-) This book sounds perfect - and I know, what's up with the hilarity over poop??

  2. Ann, thank you so much for your comment over my blog today! I will definitely give the 12" circulars a try. So happy to have found your blog! My boys will love Gergor the Overlander. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  3. Very pretty shawl pattern, looking forward to seeing more of it :)

  4. Some of the books I read with my young children are among my favorite reads. For some reason you post reminds youngest son introduced me to the Tripods Trilogy when he was twelve. I think the protagonist is about 12 years old, but the story would likely appeal to any reader from nine on up. I'm not much of a science fiction reader, but these books had me hooked.

    Glad you explained the butterfly picture. I was baffled by that, but now it makes perfect sense. What a neat thing to see.

  5. It's such a dilemma. Start at the top and knit down and get to the sloggy parts of eleventybillion sts, or start with eleventybillion sts and slog through until you get to the get faster rows. But I still prefer top down because I can add length if desired. Keep slogging!

  6. It'll be worth all the effort when you have a beautiful new shawl to wear, keep going (and this from someone who once had s jumper in progress for nearly 4 years!).
    Your son's book sounds interesting, my nephews also laugh at 'poop'. Their laughing makes me chuckle.

  7. I am also at the point with two shawls where the rows are very long!
    I have a friend who read the entire Gregor series to her daughter and they loved it.