Thursday, June 18, 2015

Podcasts, Stash Dash and Gifts

Well, I almost didn't get a post done this week as I have been distracted by the discovery of knitting podcasts.  Do you listen to any?  What are your favorites?  So far, I really like The Knit Girllls, Knitmore Girls, Little Bobbins Knits, Snappy Stitches and In a Sknit and have been listening to them in my alone time during the morning before my son wakes up.  It's like sitting a chatting to a knitting friend which really appeals to me as I am looking for more knitting community.

While listening to one of the Knitmore Girls podcasts I learned about a fun "event" called Stash Dash.  It's run by Leslie and Laura of The Knit Girllls through their Ravelry group.  It's a race (with yourself) to finish your WIPs and knit or spin from your stash (no purchasing new yarn or fiber) in racing lengths of 3K, 5K and 10K.  Basically you are counting the meters of yarn you knit or spin from May 22nd to August 14th.  Since I'm trying not to buy any new yarn or fiber until next year this event is right up my alley.  I've committed to the 5K and because you can count the whole yardage of knit items upon finishing or fixing and refinishing them I am already about 1/2 way with Hubbie's 2 vests, a set of coasters and a mobius cowl.  I'm hoping to finish another cowl, a pair of socks that have been sitting around for some time, my Brown Russian sweater, some rainbow yarn, some alpaca yarn and then lastly knit a cowl (or something) for the rainbow yarn I spin.  It's rather a lot but most of these items are about 1/2 way done.

A few of my Stash Dash items are gifts.  I knit the coasters, which should be familiar from here and here (the yarn seems to keep providing and not running out,) and are a gift for our long time neighbor (13 years) Joe.  He got married last year and they wanted a house that they chose together so they moved a whole 5 blocks down in our same neighborhood.  Our neighborhood simply rocks!  It's like a small town with full walkable amenities (and I mean the basics like library, grocery, bank, hardware store etc. not just cute shops) even though we are considered a suburb of Minneapolis.  The next item is also for a neighbor who was a baby when Hubbie and I  moved into our house and now her and her twin (hence the second forthcoming cowl) have graduated high school.  The pattern I used for the one pictured is this one and the second will be knit from this one.  I've got to get moving as the party is this weekend.  The last photo is a pair of socks that have been living in my purse for I think over a year so it's time to get those puppies done.  They use this simple pattern by toe-up-sock guru Wendy D. Johnson and my only mod was to add a one / three rib so that they'll hug the foot.  They will be a gift for my mom's birthday I think. 

And that's it!  Whew!  What are you working on lately?

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  1. It all looks lovely! But those sock colors are just my thing!

  2. I love the stripey socks!! I have yet to discover podcasts, but I keep hearing good things about them.