Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finished Project Pics!

Not sure why I look crabby, must be my reaction to something my Hubbie said.  Ha!

See the change in the color variegation?  I didn't blend the 2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace as I should have.

Here's my Hubbie Dan.  Isn't he handsome in his Shetland Vest.

Just a quick post today to show you some of my finished projects.  Up first is my Gemini Summer Top pattern by Jane Richmond.  It fits really well, but the shoulders do slip a bit.  I knit a few rounds of garter on the neck edge ( not done in the original pattern) to help prevent this, but I think it needed to be a tighter gauge altogether (for the lace part that is.)  So, if I were to knit this one again I would go down a needle size for the lace and keep the same size needle for the body.  The Hemp yarn I used has a lovely weight to it and feels really good next to my skin.  Now, if it would only warm up enough to wear it.

Next up is my Hubbie Dan's Shetland Vest.  I was only lengthening this sweater about 2 inches in the stockinette body portion and re-knitting 2 inches in the ribbing.  I talked about how I did that here.  It fits him very well now and he can reach upwards and not expose his stomach.  I am very pleased I did not have to re-knit this whole sweater.  Shetland is a grabby yarn and doesn't like being frogged much.

Dan's cabled vest is almost done too!  My oldest WIP by far - 3 years if you can believe it.  I have the ribbing around one armhole to do today then block it.  I didn't run out of yarn either and in fact have leftovers.  All that worrying for naught.  What's coming off your needles?

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great projects, love your sweater especially :-)

  3. Supercute projects!!

  4. What beautiful work!! I think the Gemini Top is beautiful and the lace is well-placed. What a lovely vest and some creative problem solving. I'm so happy I came across your space here & Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Love them both! That Gemini needs to go in my queue. I don't notice the difference at all.