Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sock Sunday - Van Dyke Pattern

Hello again.  I hope you're weekend is going well.  Mine started off with a bang having finished my pair of Van Dyke Socks on Friday night.  Yes, these babies have been around for a couple of years, but finally they are leaving the WIP basket for their permanent home in the sock drawer.  Woohoo!

The first sock went along swimmingly only ending somewhat shorter than the pattern calls for (three lace repeats instead of five) and only 5 rows of ribbing.  Sigh.  Should have purchased more yarn; the story of my life as a knitter.  The yarn by the way is Blue Sky Alpacas sport weight which has only 110 yards per skein.  This should have been a tip off for me, but I'm sure I thought 2 skeins = 2 socks - short socks I now know.  As you can see below I avoided the hole at the top of the gusset  this time by picking up extra stitches and knitting them together.  But, it was a little make shift and I'm still wondering what is a better way.  
Any thoughts?

  Then moving onto the second sock all was well until the very end when I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to make the same number of rows of ribbing let alone doing my favorite Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  Ripping back to only 2 rows of ribbing I commenced casting off only to run out of yarn.  I cut off the tails from the first sock and used those to continue binding off only to run out yarn again.  Having no other brown yarn available to me I used a piece of rainbow variegated yarn to finish the last 2 inches.  It shows of course, but it's on the inside edge which hides it a little.  You can see it in this picture just a bit of blue and purple along the top edge.

So, a fair amount of imperfections in this pair, but I'm trying to focus them being completed instead of the errors.  Hmm ... it's not working yet.  My next pair of socks will be for my mother's birthday.  I have the yarn, but no pattern yet.  What's your favorite sock pattern? 

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