Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Ball

If you have visited my etsy shop you may have noticed that I have a "thing" for rainbows.  When I found this knitting pattern on Ravelry for a 12 section ball I just new I had to do it in a rainbow of colors.  It's a very simple pattern using short rows to shape the curve of the ball.  The only change I made was to" wrap and turn" instead of just" turning" so there wouldn't be any holes.  You use small needles, I chose size 5, with worsted weight yarn to create a dense fabric which keeps the wool stuffing from peeking through. 

This ball is much bigger than the variegated rainbow ones I make as you can see by the photo below.  It's approximately 5 inches in diameter or 14 inches in circumference.

A ball is certainly not a new inventive child's toy, but it is a classic which is why I choose to include it in my shop.  My version is made with all natural plant dyed wool yarn and natural wool stuffing making it ideal for babies and children.

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  1. So cute. Those bright rainbow colors just make the ball scream "Play with me!"