Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dark Days = More Knitting Time!

The days are getting darker here and with daylight savings time beginning this weekend it'll be dark by 5:30 pm each night.  In December it is dark by 4:00 pm.  And while this bums me out a bit, it is the best time for knitting and boy am I back into my knitting!  This week I finished the Kate Davies Cochal cowl to match my Baa-ble hat and mittens.  I modified the length to only 10 inches high (was supposed to be 15), to keep it from covering up my whole face.  It's circumference is only 21 inches so it is a snug cowl.  There is one blue contrast row of honeycomb cells where I used that scant 3 grams of Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran yarn I had leftover from the Baa-ble mittens to help tie it in to the other pieces.  Now, I'm all set for the cold and hopefully some good sledding when we get snow.  

The next knitting project I'm tackling is another pattern by Kate Davies from her Seven Skeins Club called Buachaille Baffies.  Basically, they are what I'd call slipper socks.  They are stranded knit in two colors and while I plan to make another pair in the Buachaille yarn they are designed for, this pair I knit in an angora gray yarn and a black merino wool.  I wanted to make them extra warm (angora is 7 times warmer than wool as it's a hollow core fiber) as they are meant for a very good friend of mine who is going into the hospital for major back surgery.  I thought they'd keep her feet nice and toasty while she's in the hospital and home recovering.  I don't know what it is about hospitals but I always find them to be cold places.  

She lives in Washington DC and I will be flying out to help her during her recovery for about a week.  She's single and very independent, but I convinced her she will need help as they don't completely know what they are going to find that is causing her so much pain.  When I told my son I would be gone for a week and that his dad would be home with him (we homeschool so Dan has to take vacation time to cover for me) he got this huge smile on his face which he then quickly tried to hide and said "That's too bad Anna doesn't feel well.  I hope she feels better soon."  Uh, huh.  What was really going on in that little brain of his is PARTY with DAD!!!!  It will be Mac 'n Cheese, computer gaming and guy fun for a whole week.  I feel no guilt in leaving them.

I will be sad though to miss our story time each day as we are currently reading a great book series called The Blackwell Pages.  The first book was Loki's Wolves and the second, which is the one we are currently half way through, is Odin's Ravens and the last is Thor's Serpent.  They are written by Kelley Armstrong and as you can probably guess by the titles they are based on Norse Mythology.  My son really likes the Norse Myths and of course young kids being descendants from the Gods who have to save the world from Ragnarok - what could be better?  Or, as my son would say "It's so epic Mama!"  They are indeed. I like them too because of the myth history as well as that there are both strong girl and boy characters who need each other to succeed.  Which I feel is true in real life as well.

Joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along.


  1. Hope things go smoothly with your friend's surgery and recovery. I think slipper socks are a lovely idea and she'll be super cosy in hem :)

  2. I''m not looking forward to the time change myself. I hate that it gets darker so much earlier. I love that cowl!!!

  3. I'm in Wisconsin and I always dread the short days of winter. During the week while I'm working I don't even get to see the sunshine. The early darkness always makes me want to go into hibernation mode as well. I find it so hard to get stuff done when it's dark out. Hopefully we will have some snow this winter so I can get out snowshoeing. Last winter we didn't get ANY!

    1. I hear you Kelly. We got 1 great snowfall in Nov. last year, went sledding once and that was it for the winter. Without the snow to play in it makes for a long winter.

  4. Your friend will most certainly appreciate your very thoughtful (and generous!) gift :-) Your son also sounds an awful lot like mine when I disappear for awhile...!

  5. The cowl is gorgeous, I love the stitch effect. And the mittens! I need some to match my hat!

  6. That is such a stunning cowl. I can't wear that kind of wool on my neck, sadly, because I love the way it knitted up.
    How kind of you to go take care of your friend. I hope you get to explore the city a bit, too!