Sunday, July 26, 2015

YOP Update - Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

I made a big decision today.  I decided to buy yarn for that Veera Valimaki sweater vest from her Color Wheel Knits book that I mentioned in my previous post.  My plan after writing that post was to wait since I have other projects in the wings that use yarn I already have, but then I found yarn on sale.  Yes, I used the age old "but it was on sale" excuse for purchasing more yarn.  I have been scouring yarn websites for the right sport weight yarn that suited the project as well as my pocket book.  My search concluded with the decision to purchase Malabrigo Arroyo sport weight yarn in the Prussian Blue colorway.  It is a slightly variegated dark blue, has good drape and would be under $100.  My only worry was that Malabrigo pills, like a lot.  Since the yarn wasn't going anywhere I thought I could wait - right?  Wrong, I then went to the Knit Picks website searching under "sale" and "sport weight".  What I came up with was the lovely Hawthorne Sport Multi in the Irvington colorway.  It's comprised of super wash highland wool and nylon - much more durable than a merino yarn such as the Malabrigo.  The colorway is a bit of a brighter blue, but still has that superwash shine and drape and the best part is it would only cost about $50 to knit my beloved vest.  Alas, the sale only went to July 28th so I felt I had to purchase now.  I've reset my yarn counter to begin again in the yarn buying freeze.  I made it 70 days this time, not a lot, but double my last attempt.  Maybe next time I can double it again.

Because of this desire to knit this sweater vest, a friend having a baby, and a few changes in Christmas gifts I did some trimming and adding to my YOP list which now reads as follows:

Baby Surprise Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho

Cowls and Scarves:
Classic Cowl by Purl Soho knit in handspun  Finished 7/6/15
Dudester Scarf by Jana Pihota 
Dryad by Jared Flood

For the Home:
Sock Yarn Braided Rug by Martha Lazar
My Oluffa Doorstop by Lucinda Guy
Cozy Coasters by Joelle Hoverson
Hot Out of the Oven Set by Knit Picks Design Team  (making the square pads) Finished 7/25/15
Out of the Frying Pan by Amy E. Anderson  Finished 7/18/15

Simply Elegant Cable Socks by Judy Alexander
Taylor's Orange Toe Up Socks by Jasmyn Cunningham

Sweaters and Vests:
Ground by Veera Valimaki
Glen Moir Vest by Luise O'Neill 
White Russian by Thea Colman
Glenfiddich by Annamária Ötvös

Astonish Top by Katy Banks 
Jordan by Wendy Bernard

Mittens and Gloves:
Connnectivity Gloves by Mari Chiba
Nordic Mittens by Beth Brown-Reinsel
Double Knit Mittens by Sue Hedgecock
Felted Mittens by Joan Sheridan

A Family Tam by Beth Brown-Reinsel

I added 2 baby items for a pregnant friend, some felted mittens for my mom and another friend for Christmas and my sweater vest.  What got cut was a couple of pairs of socks, the sweater I was going to knit for my mother (yes, I downgraded her to mittens for this year) and a cowl.  It's hard to admit that time has it's limits and I simply cannot knit everything I want as quickly as I'd like.  So, while I was hoping to fit absolutely everything in some projects had to be cut to make it a viable list.  

I did finish one item on my list this week.  In my felting frenzy I knit, felted and trimmed 12 potholders.  Yup, that's 6 pairs or as I like to think of it 6 Christmas gifts done - yay! (these potholders also brought me to the 5K Stashdash finish line!) My rug alas, did not get finished as I really needed a break from cranking out all that I-cord, but I will get back to it this coming week.  Currently though, I have a Baby Surprise Sweater on the needles which I'm hoping to finish this week along with a matching garter stitch hat.  I'm using some grey angora yarn along with a pale yellow raw silk yarn that's paired with a strand of Malabrigo lace.  It's gender neutral since she doesn't know the sex of the baby and of yarn I already own - isn't that the best!  I'm loving the look of the stripes.  It's like a little muted bumblebee.  I feel a bit bad that neither sweater or hat are machine washable, but am making up for that by including a wool wash with the gift.  Ok, this is becoming a bit of a long post so I'll be leaving you now.  Have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like some great yarn shopping! What a deal!!

    I love those square oven pads. I've downloaded the pattern and I think I may make some mitts and pads as sets! I've certainly got lots of feltable wool to work through!!

    1. You totally should. They are fast and completely satisfying as they use up so much yarn.

  2. If it's on sale and earmarked for a project, it's not really buying more yarn, it's an investment.
    Love the baby sweater and the mitts look lovely.

  3. You know, it's okay to buy yarn once in long as you're not going overboard. I went through a very big "I NEED STASH" phase when I first started knitting and, as a result, I have a lot of one or two skeins (which is fine for hats and scarves, neither of which I really need here in California), and several worsted-weight sweater quantities (one of the shops was downsizing it's Cascade 220 and I wound up with quite a bit from that).......and then sales and such.

    I'm on a yarn diet for awhile. My club yarns don't count and festivals don't count (Stitches West, Lambtown, etc.).

    1. You know it's funny that you say Festivals don't count as I'm going to the WI Sheep and Wool Festival in September, and don't plan on counting anything I buy there as breaking my yarn freeze. Great minds and all that...

  4. Say it with me, change. Is. Good...
    Love you decisions and changes!

  5. Oh Ann...I can't believe it. Your post had me clicking over to the Knit Picks site where I started to consider buying more Hawthorne Fingering yarn. And then I remembered I haven't used what I ordered last fall! I must be strong. I got a chuckle over Mom being downgraded to mittens. I'm sure she'll love them. :^)

  6. Yarn purchasing with a definite purpose is always great and much different to yarn purchasing just because it's nice and bright and shiny :) Looking forward to seeing the vest and well done on the potholders another few Christmas gifts marked off the list. How cute is that cardigan, I love baby knits. Ruth

  7. I agree with some of the others that it's OK if you're buying yarn for a given purpose. I like your idea of counting the days between yarn purchases. I do that with eating sugar. I think I'll add yarn. Wonder which will be easier?

    I think you made a good call on yarn for the sweater. I have heard so many bad things about making sweaters out of Malabrigo!

  8. Good choice on the yarn purchase. And with it being on sale, it is a win win situation. It's not like it is going to sit around in your stash unused or anything. I also love the Oven pads. They would make wonderful gifts!

  9. Good choice on the yarn purchase. And with it being on sale, it is a win win situation. It's not like it is going to sit around in your stash unused or anything. I also love the Oven pads. They would make wonderful gifts!