Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookie Making

Taking a break from knitting and made cookies last night.  I shied away from rolled cookie cutter cookies for years, but really they are not as laborious as I thought.  I made the dough one day and divided it into four balls to chill in the freezer.  Then on the next day I rolled out one ball, cut out the cookies and baked them and repeated the process once using up the scraps for a second tray of cookies.  (Hint: just bake those cooky scrap shapes as is after the second rolling instead of tossing them out.  They taste just as good and then you can save the pretty shaped ones for company.)  Two trays of cookies is enough for a few days and then I just grab another dough ball from the frig when we need more.  This way I spend only about a half hour a time making cookies and don't get burned out on the process.  As an extra bonus the cookies are always fresh.  Happy holiday baking everyone!

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