Monday, December 5, 2011

The Kitties Are Back!

Yes, the classic knit Waldorf stuffed cats are back for sale at the Simply Playing shop.  Why you might ask did I stop in the first place?  Well, these little kitties are a lot of work to make - simple but time consuming.  I felt they were not worth my effort as I couldn't see charging for the time they actually took me to create.  So, the next question logically follows - "Why are they back then?"  Plainly put I just missed them.  They are so charming and bring a smile to my face after I finish each one.  I like that the head always seems to have a "front" side even though each side is the same.  It is the absolute best use for spare lengths of yarn, and I LOVE using up all my yarn to the very last bit. 

I feel I should caption this photo "The Running of the Kitties"

So back they came into my life and shop ready for new families to take them into their homes to love and cherish.  Please stop by and take a peek at them all for they are all very different with their own personalities.  Some are curly from using boucle yarn, some fuzzy from mohair yarn and some just plain old wool yarn (all plant dyed of course.)  Let me know what you think about these little fellows - are they keepers?

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