Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NEW Flower and Butterfly Wreaths

I have some new wreaths in the shop today: a pink flower wreath and a lavender butterfly wreath. It's so difficult when you do work involving multiples to find time to create new items as you are always trying to catch up on making the items you already have. But, as sales are slow this time of year extra time found it's way to me - yay! These 2 wreaths have matching wands too so they make great gift sets for a little girl in your life. Take a look below.

I would LOVE some feedback if any you have the time - especially on the butterfly wreath. Now I'm off to make some more butterfly wreaths and some crowns in new colors for boys (we can't forget the boys after all I have one!) Thanks for viewing!

1 comment:

  1. These are both gorgeous. I love them. I wondered if for the butterfly one if the bodies of the butterfly could be a different colour to stand out a little more? Maybe swap the pink and purple. (this is spliting hairs really but the only thing I could think of!).