Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silk Ribbon Debate

So, I was chatting with my husband yesterday while stitching up an order of magic wands about ribbon. He was mentioning that if I'm going to the trouble to use all plant dyed wool yarn and felt and natural wool roving that it seems a shame to then add polyester ribbon. I had to agree, but silk ribbon just seemed too extravagant not to mention expensive.

Well, like all modern day people I let my fingers do the walking over the internet in search of some answers. It turns out that yes, silk ribbon is more expensive but not prohibitively so and it does come in almost all the colors I currently use and in the same width. Now, I find myself debating whether or not I should purchase some and if I should use it on all my wands, just a few of my most popular or have 2 different lines one all natural with silk ribbon and one almost all natural with polyester ribbon. Off hand, I would say I'd have to raise my costs by about a dollar a wand. Do you think it would be worth it to people to have a completely natural toy magic wand? I love the idea, but wonder if the added expensive would turn people off. If you could voice in your opinion I would sure appreciate it!


  1. Maybe you can offer an option to the customer? The ribbon won't be in contact with the child's skin as much as the wrapped handle after all. I love your wands!

  2. I think a silk ribbon would be much lovelier than a polyester one! and $1 isnt at all much more to pay for such a special toy.