Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Garden on a Saturday Morning

We just got back from the Farmer's Market and I took some pictures of what's blooming now. Above is a wild petunia which is a Minnesota native.

My hydrangea bushes are now in full bloom.

I love the delicate pink of my mallow. It differs so much from the rest of the garden and always makes me think of little girls in their pink leotards learning ballet.

The Bees were also busy on this gray morning.

My butterfly weed has had a hard time this summer with Japanese Beetles eating them before they got a chance to grow. I'm curious if this larvae is more beetles or something else. Hmm...must check it out on the internet.

More bees.

Lastly, here's queen of the meadow, another Minnesota native, whose "crown" is really quite fabulous!

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